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This will be the first version of our $FRY Outdoor Satellite Miner. It will mine our native crypto token $FRY via satellite mining.


This miner will come with a power supply.


This miner will NOT come with additional peripherals (ethernet cable, GPS dongle, external mic, etc.). 


If the miner you purchased requires any of those you must purchase those separately under the "Buy $FRY Miner Parts" section of our website.


Please know that the look of the device may vary as our devices are made from recycled electronics as mentioned in our whitepaper 95% of the time. So you may receive an HP, Lenovo, etc ITX box.


The other 5% of the time we have to resort to brand new products depending on the location of the customer. This is because our builders cannot ship everywhere, so in order to be able to ship worldwide we have to resort the Chinese manufacturers


But regardless of how it looks it still earns the same amount of FRY


Furthermore, due to some of the devices being older devices since they are recycled, they may not be able to process all windows updates. Don't fret as the FRY software will still run


Additional Notes for Customers to Know:


1. We are in no way affiliated with any brand that we sell


2. Not all of these miners will come with a Windows license. If your miner does not have one you can actually use your miner to purchase one by using Microsoft Edge


3.  Please know if you choose "No Operating System" your device may or may not come with an HDD or SSD. You might be responsible for purchasing and installing your own HDD or SDD

$FRY Outdoor Satellite Miner

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Beginners

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