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What you receive is a weather station capable of mining $FRY by onboarding the weather station to our ecosystem


Brand may vary based on where a user is located in the world, but 95% of these low-end weather miners will be made by Ambient Weather


You may receive a different model weather station based on availability. Regardless, however, it will earn the same amount of $FRY as advertised. Also, we will try using recycled weather stations as much as possible, but this might not always be possible due to device availability


In addition to possibly receiving a different model, you may not get a display, however the device will still connect to the internet and earn the same amount of FRY


Notes for Customers to Know:


1. We are in no way affiliated with Ambient Weather or any other brand we sell


2. Not all Weather Miners will come with a console where you can view the data it is mining; some will only come with a simple wifi gateway


3. Unless explicitly stated in the option name, none of the frequency options for selecting miners are designed for LoRaWAN connectivity. Options that specify only the frequency in MHz, without mentioning LoRaWAN, are intended for communication solely between the weather station and its console or WiFi gateway. These miners that don't mention LoRaWAN establish internet connections through WiFi.

$FRY Low-End Weather Miner

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Beginners

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