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FRY Foundation

Building a Decentralized Network of Decentralized Networks

What We Do

FrysCrypto ($FRY) is a cryptocurrency built on the Algorand ecosystem that aims to build a decentralized network of decentralized networks. At the same time we also strive to accelerate the mainstream adoption of crypto and reduce the amount of e-waste that enters our environment.



We will never release a $FRY miner that is not green in some way. Every single $FRY miner we release will benefit the environment. I.e preventing e-waste, utilizing solar energy, etc.

Passively Earn

Since one can earn $FRY by participating in our decentralized networks, there are many ways one can passively earn $FRY


Since $FRY is built on the Algorand ecosystem, it is extremely stable. This is because Algorand has never experienced downtime and can handle over 10k transactions per second


We have disabled clawback and freeze as we believe you own the crypto you buy or earn. We and no one else have the right to seize your crypto


Growing A Global Network

By creating a decentralized network of decentralized networks, we aim to provide a more resilient and reliable infrastructure for various industries and communities. Our commitment to interoperability and collaboration will enable us to create a sustainable and scalable network for the future.

Miners Online


$FRY Distributed


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