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The Fry Foundation Tokenomics

Welcome to the Fry Foundation's tokenomics page. Our project, underpinned by the $FRY token, serves as a decentralized digital asset aiming to transform the blockchain industry through the diverse participation of different types of miners. This guide provides a thorough breakdown of our unique tokenomics.

Token Overview

The $FRY token, the Fry Foundation's proprietary digital cryptographically-secured utility token, fuels our pioneering ecosystem. Intended as the network's primary token, it promotes a range of activities from data collection to VPN network maintenance.

Mining Types

Our ecosystem encompasses five types of miners, each playing a crucial role in the Fry Foundation network with distinct earning potentials:

  1. Hardware Bandwidth Miners: These miners constitute the foundation of our decentralized VPN network, offering bandwidth and earning a base rate of 107.86 $FRY per day, pre-multipliers.

  2. Hardware Indoor Satellite Miners: Integral to our decentralized GNSS network, these miners collect essential GNSS data and earn a base rate of 82.86 $FRY per day, pre-multipliers.

  3. Hardware Outdoor Satellite Miners: These miners are also crucial to our decentralized GNSS network. They are more accurate than their indoor variant, but they have additional restrictions. They earn a base rate of 107.86 $FRY, before multipliers.

  4. Hardware Indoor Decibel Miners: These miners make up half of our decentralized noise monitoring network. They earn 107.86 $FRY before multipliers

  5. Hardware Outdoor Decibel Miners: These miners make up the second half of our decentralized noise monitoring network. They also earn 107.86 $FRY before multipliers 

  6. BYOD Indoor Satellite Miners: This miner type allows users to leverage their own hardware to decentralize our GNSS network further. These miners collect GNSS data and earn a base rate of 41.42 $FRY per day, pre-multipliers.

  7. BYOD Outdoor Satellite Miners: This miner type also allows users to use their own hardware. These miners are more accurate than our BYOD indoor miners and thus earn 53.93 $FRY before multipliers

  8. BYOD Bandwidth Miners: These miners provide bandwidth to our VPN network by allowing users to use their own hardware. This miner type receives a base earning of 53.93 $FRY a day, pre-multipliers.

  9. BYOD Air Quality and Weather Miners: These miners collect and share critical climate and air quality data as part of our decentralized weather and air quality networks. They earn a base rate of 53.93 $FRY a day, pre-multipliers..

Note that Hardware miners are devices purchased from our official site, while BYOD miners are devices crafted by users and onboarded onto our network through a BYOD license.


The Fry Foundation ecosystem fosters active and sustained participation, rewarding consistent contributors with extra rewards. Our distinct multiplier system boosts the $FRY tokens you can earn based on factors like uptime, bandwidth provided, data accuracy, and more.

Additionally, our multiplier system adapts to the market price of $FRY. When the price of $FRY drops below 1 cent, the base reward is multiplied by 2. Subsequently, each zero added to the right of the decimal point in the price leads to an additional 1.5x multiplier, ensuring fair remuneration irrespective of market fluctuations.

Token Distribution

Central to the Fry Foundation's tokenomics model are fairness, sustainability, and longevity. Our planned distribution strategy aims to prevent the $FRY token's rapid dilution while ensuring all miners are appropriately incentivized. Please note, each miner's daily $FRY token reward may change based on our dynamic tokenomics model and the network's overall performance.

Furthermore, starting on January 1st each year, the rewards distributed to each miner will decrease by 1.43%. This decrease will continue for 70 years, contributing to the project's sustainability and long-term growth.

We're thrilled to have you with us on this journey. The Fry Foundation is committed to continually enhancing our tokenomics for the benefit of our miners and the wider community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

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