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Our $FRY Bandwidth, Satellite and indoor Decibel miners share the same instructions, those instructions are the following:

*Please note that you are responsible for purchasing your own Windows License. If you need to use the miner to purchase the license, it should be noted you can setup the miner initially without a license and it will work perfectly fine indefinitely 


Turn on your miner


Go to "Downloads" at the top of the website and download the bandwidth or satellite miner software


After importing the phrase deposit at least 10 ALGO into your account for gas fees and opt-into FrysCrypto (FRY)
Note: If you do not do this step you will not receive rewards​


Within 72 hours of completing all of the steps above, you should start seeing 0 FRY transactions appear in the provided Algorand wallet. Then, within 24 hours you will see your reward distributions


Complete the Windows Setup & either connect your miner to Wi-Fi* or Ethernet

*Please know that not every device will have Wi-Fi capabilities


When the installer asks for your secret phrase, use the secret phrase from your wallet of choice


Go to "Miner Registration" and fill out the Bandwidth, Satellite, or Indoor Decibel miner registration

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