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Free Tier Instructions

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Video Instructions

Text Instructions

NOTE: You must use a different Algorand address for each device you install this software on

Download the 7zip file located in the link above

Extract the 7zip file into a directory of your choosing

Download and install Node.js from here: 

Go to your command prompt or terminal and navigate to the directory where you unzipped the first 7zip file you downloaded (make sure your command prompt is in admin mode)

Once there in the command prompt do the following commands, in order:

npm install algosdk​

Now create a bat or shell script depending on your operating system​

In said script enter the following:


node main.js

Once you do that it will ask for your wallet mnemonic​

Enter your mnemonic WITHOUT a comma between each word​

Now go to the task scheduler and schedule the bat file to run every hour indefinitely

Next in Pera, MyAlgo Wallet, etc. opt-into FrysCrypto (924268058)

After doing that fill out the form located here

Please know that in the form we need the MAC address of the device our software is installed on​

Now keep your devices on that have this script running and you will earn FRY daily

Note: Each time you install this script on a device you must fill out the form in #10

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